Temporary Staff Member

at Democratic Schools

After seeing the democratic schools of Hadera and Bat Yam in Israel during the International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) in April 2010 and getting a first feeling for "everyday life" in such a school, I visited a friend of mine, whom I met know during this conference visit, in her school in Soest (Netherlands). I was surprised at how many of the warm-hearted, sympathetic staff members, parents and students I already knew from Tel Aviv and the short trips into the surrounding area. In these three hours, the idea arose that I could come for a week's visit.
Within the following months, I visited De Ruimte twice. For my third stay at the end of September and the beginning of October 2011 − I had just left the regular school system − I came to the school as a temporary staff member for the first time and also substituted two colleagues in autumn 2013, who had gone on a short visit to the Holistic School in Taiwan.
IDEC Tel Aviv Israel April 2010
Travelling Language Teacher
If the democratic community of kids and adults at De Ruimte should vote to invite me back in the case that one or more staff members are on leave, I will gladly return as a temporary staff member.
Through these experiences, an idea arose that awoke in me a deep wish: combining profession and passion. For me this means a willingness to support others with my competences while following my desire to learn about other cultures. I address my offer to all democratic schools in Europe, and gladly all around the world, who may be looking for a temporary staff member for a shorter period of two to four weeks, also several times a year.
De Ruimte 1 Soest Netherlands June 2011
As such I can:
  • be a short-term replacement for an absent staff member,
  • help bridge the gap during the search for a regular staff member,
  • contribute to language teaching and communication in several languages,
  • offer hands-on experience from various democratic schools and cultures and
  • support the school's international networking for everyone in the school community.
Thus, I can imagine that, through my visits to various countries and the resulting network of the many people, I will meet in this process, inspiration will be in the air for a student, teacher or staff member exchange with people from all areas of Europe and the world. Recognizing the basic idea of democratic education, however, it will be up to the individual to take the initiative and address me on any such matter.
Currently I am not looking for a permanent staff position. I have deliberately chosen this form of contribution and would be happy to join your school's staff for a time period of a week or up to one month.
De Ruimte 2 Soest Netherlands June 2011
From my perspective, it is essential that I am a staff member on equal grounds and to receive the same payment as every permanently employed colleague. I would also like to ask the community considering my offer for a short-term, though potentially recurring engagement to consider funding a part of my travel expenses and help me find inexpensive accommodation. This is not a necessary requirement, though.
You can find more thoughts on the financial requirements under this link.
Where there is a will, there is a way. Together we can make everything possible!
I am very much looking forward to hearing from you!