Parent and Family Counselling

Actual state in the regular school system

In my view there are more and more children and youths that have difficulties inside today's school system.

In times in which ...
  - we all need to develop personal and social skills in exchange and cooperation with people of all ages,
  - the technical capabilities lead many a teacher-centered form of learning ad absurdum,
  - die weltweit erfolgreichsten Unternehmen eine nicht-hierarchische Struktur besitzen,
  - more and more citizens are longing for social structures that above all serve the human being,
  - we can witness a change in society's values in our own environment and in the media,
... the structures and everyday life inside the regular school system, which is based on strict hierarchies, the degrading external determination und evaluation of our children and adolescents (in my eyes the last legally oppressed group inside our society), have a blocking effect on a motivated and cheerful generation of so-called indigo children.

The power of freedom and self-responsibility

In the approximately 200 democratic schools world-wide, children and juveniles are free to decide for themselves the fields they want to focus on and in which way they pick up knowledge and skills: either alone or in groups, with or without staff member or teacher on loan. They are self-responsible for their own education (a fact that our regular school systems only suggest, but do not really offer), which is the original source of real inner motivation. As equal contributors they take part in decision-making processes in the school assembly − the parliament.
In democratic schools you find an atmosphere that is based on real appreciation and love for each other. Everyone is an equal part of the community. Contact among staff members and students takes place at eye level, regardless of differences in age. Thus, from the very beginnings, real democracy is lived and experienced − the spirit that is, or should be, the basis for all our society.

Deeper insight:
- Experiences at the democratic boarding school Summerhill (England) in an Interview with the headmistress and daughter of the school's founder, Zoe Readhead, published in German in Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin 05/2012
- Positive effects of democratization inside regluar schools in my German article "Demokratischer Bildungswandel − Israels positive Erfahrungen", version of 30 April 2011.
- Current hints can always be found in my Blog.

Counselling to you as parent(s) & all your family

Our society is in the midst of extensive change. In the course of these processes, in my opinion, we will witness a development towards the basic ideas of respect and appreciation described above. This will affect all fields in society: economy, politics, school, family, ... You can follow this development also by having a look at the latest news in my Blog.

If you want to understand your son's or your daughter's situation from the perspective of humanistic psychology and with the help of the insights gained in democratic education, I will be happy to be at your disposal as a counsellor who knows both the regular school system and democratic schools, and as a future non-medical practitioner for psycho-therapy: for you as parent(s) and all your family.


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